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Vernissage 18.12. 19:00


Ephemera, Foto: Damjan Svarc

The sound/video environment Ephemera is based on sound and interactivity- putting the viewer in physical dialogue with sonic and visual matter appearing in environment space. The double panorama video projection onto a  transparent and a nontransparent circular screen is going to engage interactivity and bring to foreground lateral territories of human perception - body extensions enabled by technology.

Defining sound the primal descriptive material, the installation is going to provide a complex territory for audio and kinesthetic patterns to evolve. In order to address the panorama's immersive potentials diverse video textures, transitory elements and sound components gather in different constellations forming a spherical ambience.

Ksenija Čerče received her BA (1999) and MA (2002) in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. 1988-96 she completed her studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, University of Ljubljana. In 2003 she was a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship for study in the USA, where she attained her masters in Video and Sound Art (Liz Phillips) at Purchase College State University of New York. The complex and multilayered projects of Ksenija Čerče aim to engage in research of elementary themes: the phenomenology of perception, the structure of visual and acoustic rhythm and above all the physical ephemerality of sound and light phenomena in contemporary media. Her time-based media work is focused on creating sound/video environments. She works as an independent artist and is currently working in video and sound art, as well as in painting.


Opening: 18.12. 19:00

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