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The group was formed by Romelo Pervolovici and Maria Manolescu, in 1998.


With us, META steps into the foreground of independence and identity, which it had not had as a prefix, thus losing its quality as an annex to something.

What was it as an element of composition/annex?

Among others:

It suggested the idea of post (metaphysics).
It aimed towards transformation, change (metamorphosis).
As a prefix, META is directed towards art, discourse, painting, logic, mathematics, physics, psychology, philosophy etc.

Referring to META-art, the discourse is concerned with the classic connotation of the “ART ABOUT ART”. We add: “ART VERSUS ART”, “ART INFESTED BY ART”, “INNER/OUTER ART” “IN FRONT OF/ BEHIND ART” etc.

META-art: what am I / how do I look? What does art tell us about itself or about other discourses, about codes and conventions, the way in which we “see” and how we were taught to do it, representation and visibility? These are only a few topics which META-art brings into discussion.

Transition, privatization, democratization, this is the atmosphere in which META was born, preserving its prefix connotation, next to.

Among others, to us META signifies never alone. The projects, the visual discourses we get involved in are almost every time connected to this next to.



2008    I saw somebody that wasn't there, Viennafair, Austria

2007    Dorothy Shoes, Viennafair, Austria; Atelier 2META, Bucharest

2006    Euro Flag, Viennafair, Austria

Euro Flag, Prague European Architecture Centre, Czech Republic

Euro Flag, ICR Paris, France

Euro Bandera, the Public Latin library "Antonio Mingote", Madrid, Spain

Euro Bandera, Cultural Centre MARGARITA NIELKEN, Coslada, Spain

2005    Euro Flag, 2META Gallery, Bucharest

2004    Experiment, Cărtureşti Bookshop, Bucharest

2003    Art is my weapon, New Gallery, Bucharest

2002    La Minereală, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Salonic, Greece

2002    Preview, Contemporary Art Museum, Bucharest

2002    Art is my weapon, 10th Biennial of Visual Arts, Pancevo, Yugoslavia

2002    L'enlevement de l'Europe, ICR Venice

2001    Opening, SPACE Gallery, Bucharest

2001    L'enlevement de l'Europe, Hasselt, Belgium

2001    Artopology, 2META Gallery, Bucharest

2001    Screaming Room, Gallery Konkordija, Vrsac, Yugoslavia; 2META Gallery, Bucharest

2000    OR - Jacques Derrida Anniversary, Gallery La Hune, Paris, Franţa

2000    ILLUSORY PARADISES, 2META Gallery, Bucharest2008 - I saw somebody that wasn't there, Viennafair, Austria