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Cirkulacija2: WEB 2.0 - Reality Show

Cirkulacija 2
Cirkulacija 2

Time Table 24. - 27.11. 2009




Circulation 2 is self-defined as an interdisciplinary station of contemporary technology related art production carrying into effect both the production and the presentation of contemporary art processes. It is a model bound to transgress the inherently conventional museum/gallery practices of presentation of art. It is a so-called self-production facility and as such it tries to maintain an idea of art production which is alive and moving. The question of a collective dynamics is at the root of Cirkulacija 2. How can a group of very individualistic, well-formed artists of different specialities share and create the various aspects of “common grounds/space”? Intelligence can provide the answer and as such it is a new social experiment. The group's idea is to function as a workshop, laboratory, a presentation space and intellectual platform where ideas can (em)merge and experiences can be shared. In time of its activities, Cirkulacija 2 tries to generate an urban micro-community of a very special – non-consume - identity. This is an important aspect and can be described as a socially active position.


Circulation 2: Stefan Doepner, Borut Savski, Boštjan Leskovšek, Majda Gregorič, Ksenija Čerče, Luka Prinčič, Miha Tomšič, Bambi Strojnica

24th Nov      20:00 opening performences : Savski + Kristl.…

25th Nov      20.00 evening performences: Princic - Deviator, Bostjan,…

26th Nov      20.00 evening performences: Princic - Deviator, Savski,…

27th Nov      20.00 evening performences under the Mur-main-bridge

                    22.00 party im mkl