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The Trend Is Your Friend

a performative and interactive multimedial installation by Sylvia Eckermann (A) & Gerald Nestler (A), Sound Peter Szely (A), Scientific advice Wolfgang Höchtl (A), Production Medienkunstlabor by Winfried Ritsch (A), curated by Mirjana Peitler (A/SRB)

The Trend Is Your Friend

the trend is your friend

Trends are all the trend. Alongside fashion and health it is analyses of economic trends which are shaping our environment. To what extent do they influence and change us as individuals and as a society? By recognising and relying on trends do we become part of an economisation that promises profit but at the same time absorbs us? Does the individual who opposes the trend get socially marginalised? So is the trend in a knowledge-based society nothing but Orwell’s famous Big Brother? A new, if more complex uniformity of control that denies us future with its hubris of calculability? The installation “The Trend Is Your Friend” invites us to think through these questions for ourselves and, with the aid of our senses, to dive into a virtual space while our bodies remain in the real.

Duration: 26.9.2009 - 08.11.2009 Medienkunstlabor, Kunsthaus Graz

Guided tour by arrangement. Contact: +43 (0)664 8017 9244


Produced by Medienkunstlabor Graz

In co-operation with steirischer herbst, Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik (KUG) & Institut für Maschinelles Sehen und Darstellen (TU Graz)

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