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Vernissage 26.09. 14:00 The Trend is Your Friend!

A performative and interactive artistic experiment by Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler. Soundarchitektur: Peter Szely

The Trend is your Friend! is an installations that offer the playful experience of past, present and future and our role in influencing them.

TIYF! is about our social environment and how it is shaped by the analysis of economic trends that relate to finance, fashion, media, consumption, commodified markets and many other spheres of life. 

To find out and engage in this experiment, we are invited to participate: We enter the interactive installation (by  sticking our heads through the architecture from below) and immerse into a full 3D-virtual world!

Under “laboratory conditions” TIYF!  challenges notion of individuality and community and raises questions that go beyond this artistic array of (symbolic) values: To what extent do trends influence us as individual and subsequently as social beings? To what extend do we become part of an economisation that promises profits and wealth and at the same time develops standards for our behaviour and inclusion?  Do what extend do individuals, who oppose trends and deviate from standard norm, become socially marginalised and the actual losers in the game?


Vernissage: 26.09. 2009  14:00

Press brunch: 06.10. 2009 10:00

Duration: 26.09. - 08.11.2009

Tue - Sun: 10:00-18:00


The Long Night of Museums: 03.10.2009 opened till 24:00!

The Long Night of Research: 07.11.2009 opened till 24:00!


Produced by MedienKunstLabor Graz in co-operation with steirischer herbst 09

The Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision (ICG, Graz University of Technology)

The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM, Graz University of Music and Dramatic Arts)